This… is D-Day!

The complete NBC broadcast day of D-Day is now on the air at Rat Patrol Radio! Whatever time you tune in, you will be hearing the same thing America heard at that same time on June 6, 1944. Enjoy!

WWII hero recalls the Battle of Arnhem

A WWII veteran of the British 1st Airborne Division remembers the battle of the “bridge too far,” as he recalls the attack on Arnhem. http://home.bt.com/news/uknews/wwii-hero-recalls-the-battle-of-arnhem-11363933990339

C-47 That Dropped D-Day Troops Returning to Normandy

GENESEO, N.Y. (AP) — The next time the American military transport plane known as Whiskey 7 drops its paratroopers over Normandy, France, it will be for a commemoration instead of an invasion. Seventy years after taking part in D-Day, the plane now housed at the National Warplane Museum in western New York is being prepared

Old Guys and Their Airplanes

Aviation artist and very close friend John Mollison has a new video series where he interviews WWII pilots and draws the aircraft they flew. This episode features an interview with 93 year-old Corsair pilot Claude Home. Interviews like these are extremely important, as we have already lost most of these brave soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Pearl Harbor Special Broadcast

Today is the annual Pearl Harbor special broadcast that we do every December 7th. This year, I’ve added more of the longer half-hour special reports and analysis, and fewer “filler” songs. I hope people don’t get too bored, and perhaps get a good idea of what the nation experienced as our nation was plunged into

24 Hours of D-Day Special Broadcast

Starting at 3am EDT, we are proud and honored to present the annual Complete Broadcast Day of D-Day. This is 24 hours of everything that went out over the air on CBS on June 6, 1944, rebroadcast by Rat Patrol Radio at the same time of day as originally aired! This is probably as famous

Memorial to Subs Lost in WWII Dedicated

After 14 years of fundraising, a memorial to the 52 US submarines lost in action in WWII has been dedicated in San Diego. Located at Liberty Station, a mixed-use development on the grounds of the former naval training center in San Diego, the “52 Boats Memorial” consists of 52 black granite memorials, each devoted to

Neat Mini History of the WWII Jeep

Here’s a neat mini WWII history of the Jeep.  I never knew that the Germans on the Eastern Front scrambled to get captured Jeeps from the Russians, since the Kubelwagons couldn’t handle the mud! (Awesome photos of a restored Jeep, too. I love the old “meatball” emblem.)

KGB Reveals Andropov Ordered Hitler’s Body Destroyed

In a story broken by Interfax, Gen. Vasily Khristoforov, the head archivist of the Federal Security Service (the successor of the KGB,) has revealed that the bodies of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and those of the Goebbels family were burned, ground to dust, and thrown in an East German river in 1970 on orders of