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After several years, I’ve acquired the “Una Mae Carlisle 1938-1941” CD I’ve been looking for. I love her “Blitzkrieg Baby (You Can’t Bomb Me).” I’ll be adding these 21 songs into the random playlist this weekend.

As I mentioned in my twitter feed, there were some discrepancies found while slicing the CBS D-Day radio files, so I’ve sliced and uploaded the NBC D-Day coverage this year instead. There was a gap in the NBC coverage between 10:15AM and 11:00AM EDT that I filled with the CBS feed. It was soap operas across all networks that time of day, so nothing major is missed.

I’m hoping I haven’t overlooked any more gaps in the NBC coverage in the rush to get everything uploaded and tagged, but if you find any, please let me know for next year! Note that the broadcast time and the real-world time started out synchronized, but will drift more and more as Live 365 inserts commercials.

I just found out last night that my radio station host, Live 365, has banned all recordings over 30 minutes duration. Since the average time per file for the D-Day broadcast is 1 hour and 15 minutes, I have to split each file into pieces, then tag each one. I hope to be done in time, and am going to take the opportunity to replace the duplicated 4:48 – 5:53AM section of the CBS recording with appropriate content from the NBC recording. Some time in the past, the 6AM-7AM section was recorded over the 4:48-5:53AM section, and that section was lost to collectors.

Today is the annual Pearl Harbor special broadcast that we do every December 7th. This year, I’ve added more of the longer half-hour special reports and analysis, and fewer “filler” songs. I hope people don’t get too bored, and perhaps get a good idea of what the nation experienced as our nation was plunged into war.  I also have FDR’s complete “Day of Infamy” speech to Congress asking for a declaration of war against the Empire of Japan.

I’d love to hear your feedback after the show!

It’s almost June 6, again, and as we’ve done for many years, we will preempt regular programming to present the complete CBS national broadcast day of June 6, 1944. In the pre-dawn hours of D-Day, as the rumors became more and more insistent, a broadcast engineer at CBS headquarters in New York began recording every word that went out over the air, beginning at 2:30 am. Hear the initial rumors, the confirmation from SHAEF in London, the military analysis in the radio studio from experts (which sound spookily like the ones we heard for Desert Storm.)

Later, hear the official announcements, the eyewitness reports of embedded reporters (!) as they return from the beachhead to London, the news alerts breaking into normal programming throughout the day, and King George VI addressing the people of the UK, and President Roosevelt leading the nation in prayer. I have goosebumps right now, just remembering this.

We will have a special encore performance on June 7, starting at 9am, so that more people can hear the earliest reports (because not many people will be getting up at 2:30am on a work night!) Please join us in remembrance of one of the most important events of the last 100 years, the liberation of Europe from the hand of fascist Germany by the free peoples of the world.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means it’s once more time to prepare the Rat Patrol Radio Jazzy Big Band Christmas playlist! Starting this Friday and running until New Years, we will bring you the best big band, swing, and jazz holiday music, with choice classical selections as well.

This is possibly our most popular even of the year, and we regularly hit our listener limits. As a reminder, I’d like to mention that Live 365 VIP members are never locked out of any full station on the network, and if you use the handy button here on our site to sign up, Rat Patrol Radio gets 25% of your VIP membership fee applied directly to station expenses!

And you can try it for 5 days, free!

Starting at 3am EDT, we are proud and honored to present the annual Complete Broadcast Day of D-Day. This is 24 hours of everything that went out over the air on CBS on June 6, 1944, rebroadcast by Rat Patrol Radio at the same time of day as originally aired!

This is probably as famous among our listeners as our Christmas playlist is, and Rat Patrol Radio was one of the first webcast stations ever to present these historic broadcasts in this format. This year marks our ninth year saluting the men who stormed Fortress Europe to put an end to Nazism. Join me as we relive the electrifying events of one of the most momentous events of the 20th Century.  (I still choke up and get goosebumps at 10pm when FDR leads the nation in prayer.)

I’ve just uploaded an 18-hour Christmas playlist, set to choose songs randomly.  I am still working on a “hand-crafted” playlist, but have been under the weather the last few days, so it isn’t quite ready yet.  Remember to rate the songs you like (and don’t!), as I will be watching the ratings and swapping songs in and out.

I’m still working on customizing the new theme, though a lot of work is done. Still remaining is finding where the code is for the images along the right side and replacing them, and getting the RPR Pinup Girl logo on the masthead.

Also on the docket is getting the Christmas music ripped and uploaded. This means that some of the music presently in rotation will have to be deleted to make room.  Also, a houseguest seems to have made off with some of my CDs, so I will have to build a new holiday playlist from scratch instead of using last year’s.

My lovely and talented wife and I spent Thanksgiving with old friends and had a wonderful time. The aftereffects were that I went to bed soon after arriving home, so am still uploading Christmas songs today!

Not to worry, we’ll have a quick Christmas playlist up this afternoon (one of the advantages of working at home) and will make our patented hand-crafted Christmas mega-playlist ASAP.

Also, don’t forget that the Christmas playlist will be pre-empted in December 7th so that we may bring you the Pearl Harbor tribute show.