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Site customization is almost done.  I’ve added some links on the right hand side under the title “Support RPR”, which you may not see if you have ad blocking software activated for this site.

The first is a link to buying a VIP Membership to Live 365, our hosting service for the station. A VIP Membership will not only let you listen to RPR commercial-free, but also allows access even if the station is at the listener limit. Not only does it work for RPR, but also for every one of the thousands of stations on the Live 365 network!

The second link is for PayPal donations. If you don’t care for PayPal, you can always purchase a Live 365 Gift Certificate for whatever amount you wish, which will go directly towards the bill for the broadcast service. Under “recipient’s email” use the hotmail address “ratpatrolradio.”

The third link is to the Rat Patrol Radio Post Exchange, aka our Cafepress store. Any item purchased gives RPR $2.00.  I have personally ordered the coffee mug, tshirt, notebook, and large poster, and have been extremely pleased with them all.

The only things left to do are to get the RPR Pinup Girl logo on the masthead of the site, and decide whether to actually have an image gallery or not. Speaking of our “mascot”, she is on all the Cafepress items. Here is a close-up of the logo:

Rat Patrol Radio ©2000-2009
Rat Patrol Radio ©2000-2009

First off, let me say how totally blown away I am by the support that I’ve received for Rat Patrol Radio.  It has been truly remarkable, and I am really touched by your response.

We have received over $200 in donations this month, so I am going to upgrade the broadcast package for December to allow FORTY simultaneous free listeners! You VIP members will still of course get in even if the station is at the listener cap, and will listen commercial-free.

In January, I’ll go back to the 20 listener cap where we used to be. I had downgraded to the P2 package that only allowed ten simultaneous free listeners when money got tight.

Again, thank you all so very much for your support!

Thank you for your support in keeping Rat Patrol Radio on the air! Thanks to donations and purchases of VIP Memberships by listeners, we have enough station credit to last through the end of the year.

Remember that we will be starting the Big Band Christmas Playlist the day after Thanksgiving, and of course will be running our Pearl Harbor Memorial broadcast on December 7.