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New Crossword: WWII Songs

We have a new crossword puzzle up for you, this time about the songs that were the hits of WWII! There’s an interactive version you can play in your browser, or a printable version. Answer key is provided in a separate link. CLICK HERE to get started!

Rat Patrol Radio Crossword: WWII Leaders

Here is a new WWII crossword puzzle from Rat Patrol Radio! This one covers political and military leaders from both the Allied and Axis powers. Rated **/****. WWII Leaders (**) For the interactive javascript version, click here. For the printable page version, click here. For the answer key, click here.

Introducing Rat Patrol Radio Crosswords

I’m starting a new monthly feature, WWII-themed crosswords puzzles! I will be building these using Eclipse Crosswords and custom word/clues lists put together by me.  I’ll rate each puzzle for difficulty using one to four *. Our inaugural crossword theme is 100 words dealing with WWII Aircraft. You’ll have to be an expert on aircraft

RPR Online Crossword Puzzle Returns

Hey folks, I found a free crossword puzzle generator, so I am going to revive the monthly Rat Patrol Radio crossword. This first one is small, as I build up the “word pool” by hand.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments! http://www.ratpatrolradio.com/crossword-jan09.html