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Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means it’s once more time to prepare the Rat Patrol Radio Jazzy Big Band Christmas playlist! Starting this Friday and running until New Years, we will bring you the best big band, swing, and jazz holiday music, with choice classical selections as well.

This is possibly our most popular even of the year, and we regularly hit our listener limits. As a reminder, I’d like to mention that Live 365 VIP members are never locked out of any full station on the network, and if you use the handy button here on our site to sign up, Rat Patrol Radio gets 25% of your VIP membership fee applied directly to station expenses!

And you can try it for 5 days, free!

I’ve just uploaded an 18-hour Christmas playlist, set to choose songs randomly.  I am still working on a “hand-crafted” playlist, but have been under the weather the last few days, so it isn’t quite ready yet.  Remember to rate the songs you like (and don’t!), as I will be watching the ratings and swapping songs in and out.

I’m still working on customizing the new theme, though a lot of work is done. Still remaining is finding where the code is for the images along the right side and replacing them, and getting the RPR Pinup Girl logo on the masthead.

Also on the docket is getting the Christmas music ripped and uploaded. This means that some of the music presently in rotation will have to be deleted to make room.  Also, a houseguest seems to have made off with some of my CDs, so I will have to build a new holiday playlist from scratch instead of using last year’s.

My lovely and talented wife and I spent Thanksgiving with old friends and had a wonderful time. The aftereffects were that I went to bed soon after arriving home, so am still uploading Christmas songs today!

Not to worry, we’ll have a quick Christmas playlist up this afternoon (one of the advantages of working at home) and will make our patented hand-crafted Christmas mega-playlist ASAP.

Also, don’t forget that the Christmas playlist will be pre-empted in December 7th so that we may bring you the Pearl Harbor tribute show.

First off, let me say how totally blown away I am by the support that I’ve received for Rat Patrol Radio.  It has been truly remarkable, and I am really touched by your response.

We have received over $200 in donations this month, so I am going to upgrade the broadcast package for December to allow FORTY simultaneous free listeners! You VIP members will still of course get in even if the station is at the listener cap, and will listen commercial-free.

In January, I’ll go back to the 20 listener cap where we used to be. I had downgraded to the P2 package that only allowed ten simultaneous free listeners when money got tight.

Again, thank you all so very much for your support!