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We recently installed “Sweet Captcha,” to get rid of those blurry, mashed-up letters other captchas make you type, but the instructions were not showing. Today, we have moved over to NuCaptcha, which should be super-easy to read, while blocking the nasty spambots.

If anyone has any problems with the new captcha system, reply here or email me!

Announcing the Rat Patrol Radio Victory Drive!


All hands on deck! Rat Patrol Radio needs YOU!

Some listeners have been unhappy about the 30-slot “free listener” cap on RPR.  As our audience grows, more people are tuning in at peak times.

Of course, caps at any station on the Live365 network do not apply to VIP listeners. (You also get NO commercials.) To those of you who have purchased a VIP account from the button on the Live365 player while listening to us, or have used the VIP button on RatpatrolRadio.com, God Bless you. Ten percent of that fee went directly toward our monthly station bill.
Back to the situation at hand: I did some research, and learned I can double the number of free listener slots from 30 to 60, and double the library space on the server to 1 GB, for $29 a month, IF I pay a whole year up front ($348). Otherwise, it’s $44 a month ($528).
$348 is still a hefty chunk of change for me to pay out at once, though. I have some medical and home repair issues right now, and expenses exceed income. Even with additional freelance income, I need to cut back everywhere I can.
Right now, I’m paying $25 a month to keep Rat Patrol Radio on the air. Here’s where you can not only help me out, but help yourself and your fellow listeners as well. I’ve launched the Rat Patrol Radio Victory Drive, to fund the upgrade of the station to the Gold level personal broadcasting package. You can buy a VIP membership, donate by going to this link and choosing the “select dollar amount” option (VIP memberships purchased on that page do NOT contribute to the station!) and entering ratpatrolradio@hotmail.com as the recipient address; OR contribute via PayPal using the button on RatPatrolRadio.com or this link.
As well as guaranteeing Rat Patrol Radio’s future for an entire year, twice as many people will be able to listen for free, and I’ll be able to store the hundreds of megabytes of special files for the D-Day and Pearl Harbor broadcasts without having to delete a major portion of the song library, and re-uploading them again after the special event.
Every little bit helps, so spread some love to the living tribute of The Greatest Generation —
Support Rat Patrol Radio today!

Kentucky Couple Seek To Return Found WWII Medals

WWII medals found in abandoned self-storage unit in Louisville, KY
WWII medals found in abandoned self-storage unit in Louisville, KY

David and Stephanie Kalbaugh of Lousville, KY, are looking for a WWII vet named Anthony Grunder. The medals were discovered on a back shelf in the office storage unit at the facility the Kalbaughs manage. From the photo, the medals seem to be a Bronze Star with V for valor and an oak leave, a Purple Heart with three oak leaves, and a campaign medal.

David, who is an Air Force veteran, has carefully checked out each one. “It looks like he spent the whole time in World War II, he started out at one campaign in Europe and then finished up in Asia and he was in the Army with the 101st Airborne or Third Ranger Battalion.”

The Kalbaughs have been searching through old records since August, trying to find Mr. Grunder. If anyone has information regarding him, please contact Aladdin Self Storage at 502-241-7200 or by email at aladdinstorageky@gmail.com

The business is located at:

3413 Collins Lane

Louisville, KY 40245.


Remains of WWII British Soldier Found Near Tobruk

(Tripoli Post) A Libyan family in the Al-Ghaara area east of Tobruk stumbled across what is apparently the remains of a WWII British soldier. They alerted archaeological authorities, who examined the area, and recovered old Egyptian currency bearing the name of King Farouk, a pocket watch, and ink pen. Nearby were found a German medal and Nazi Cross, according to the paper.

This Day in WWII: January 12, 1943 – Soviet Offensive to Relieve Leningrad Begins

The German Army Group North surrounded the Soviet city of Leningrad on September 8, 1941, in order to starve out the defenders of the USSR’s second-largest city. Over 650,000 civilians died of starvation, freezing, and illness in the resulting siege, which drove people to resort to cannibalism. Over 1 million wounded and sick were evacuated by barge across Lake Ladoga in the summer, and by sleds during the winter, but over 2 million civilians were still trapped behind enemy lines.

After repeated attacks to relieve the city, the Soviet Army launched a full-scale offensive, code-named Operation Spark on January 12, 1943. Six days later, a supply corridor had been secured, and by the 27th, the German Army had been driven from the southern portion of the city. The siege of Leningrad lasted 872 days, over two and a half years.

Fighting in the trenches during the siege of Leningrad

This Day in WWII: Jan 6, 1941 – FDR’s “Four Freedoms” Speech

On January 6, 1941, in his State of the Union address, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned America of complacency, shielded by two mighty oceans, noting:

I have recently pointed out how quickly the tempo of modern warfare could bring into our very midst the physical attack which we must eventually expect if the dictator nations win this war.
There is much loose talk of our immunity from immediate and direct invasion from across the seas. Obviously, as long as the British Navy retains its power, no such danger exists. Even if
there were no British Navy, it is not probable that any enemy would be stupid enough to attack us by landing troops in the United States from across thousands of miles of ocean, until it had
acquired strategic bases from which to operate.
But we learn much from the lessons of the past years in Europe, particularly the lesson of Norway, whose essential seaports were captured by treachery and surprise built up over a series of years.
The first phase of the invasion of this Hemisphere would not be the landing of regular troops. The necessary strategic points would be occupied by secret agents and their dupes – and great
numbers of them are already here, and in Latin America.
As long as the aggressor nations maintain the offensive, they -not we — will choose the time and the place and the method of their attack. That is why the future of all the American Republics is today in serious danger.

He also foretold that the enemy would not wait for America to decide to enter the war, but would bring the war to us:

When the dictators, if the dictators, are ready to make war upon us, they will not wait for an act of war on our part. They did not wait for Norway or Belgium or the Netherlands to commit an act of war. Their only interest is in a new one-way international law, which lacks mutuality in its observance, and, therefore, becomes an instrument of oppression.

However, this speech has gone down in history as the “Four Freedoms” speech, so-named for the vision Roosevelt had for the world after the forces of Fascism had been defeated:

In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon
four essential human freedoms.
The first is freedom of speech and expression — everywhere in the world.
The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way — everywhere in the world.
The third is freedom from want— which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants-everywhere in the world.
The fourth is freedom from fear — which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor—anywhere in the world.
That is no vision of a distant millennium. It is a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time and generation. That kind of world is the very antithesis of the so-called new order of tyranny which the dictators seek to create with the crash of a bomb. To that new order we oppose the greater conception — the moral order. A good society is able to face schemes of world domination and foreign revolutions alike without fear.

These words so inspired America and heartened those people fighting Nazi and Imperial Japanese tyranny, the painter Norman Rockwell was moved to create his famous “Four Freedoms” illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post in the two months following the speech.

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Hey folks!

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Pearl Harbor Playlist Delayed

Hey folks, due to life events, I don’t have the Pearl Harbor playlist done. I lost all the radio news files last year and am going through Dec 7 radio new reports to build new excerpts. The special broadcast will be up later today.