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Hey there, all my GI Joes and GI Jills! The links to the October Patreon rewards have gone out, so check your inbox!

The reward for the $1 through $5 a month tiers is a 50 second 1945 Public Service Announcement asking people to stay on their war job, buy more war bonds, and continue to make do with less, to speed the final victory against Japan.

The $10 a month tier gets the PSA, plus the November 18, 1943 Abbott & Costello Show, with guest stars Bugs Bunny and Lucille Ball.

The $15 and $20 a month tiers get the PSA, the Abbott & Costello Show, AND a complete episode of Jill’s Juke Box, hosted by GI Jill!

LISTEN NOW: Rat Patrol Radio on Live 365

BECOME A RPR SUPPORTER: Rat Patrol Radio Patreon

Hey everybody! I’m hosting a “Victory Drive” to bring Rat Patrol Radio back! We need a minimum of $75 a month pledged to get back on the air at the new Live365. You can make a one-time donation through PayPal, or sign up to be a Patron with a recurring monthly donation through Patreon.



I’ve set some stretch goals beyond the initial “get us back on the air with a minimum of bandwidth” on Patreon, which I will copy here:


You’ve all helped Rat Patrol Radio get on the air!
$75 a month will pay for a basic streaming/hosting plan, with a 1500 Total Listening Hours (TLH) limit.


The More, The Merrier!
A donation level of $150 a month will allow Rat Patrol Radio to be upgraded to a 3500 TLH streaming/hosting plan. That’s more than DOUBLE the listening hours of the basic plan, meaning more wartime tunes for everyone!


Better, Faster, Stronger Than Before!
Reaching the $250 a month level means the weekly Monday night live show expands to THREE hours!
This level gives me a budget to purchase the equipment needed to bring you all a professional-sounding station and live shows, as well as purchasing hard-to-find wartime music and radio programs.


VI (Victory on the Internet) Day!
When we reach the $500 a month level, Rat Patrol Radio’s streaming account gets upgraded to the top-tier 7000 TLH plan. I also pledge to host a SECOND live show twice a month, in addition to hosting a live three-hour show every Monday night!


Just like the hero in those old Republic serials, Rat Patrol Radio has survived certain death!

While the playlist has some errors, you can listen to us on Radionomy with this handy dandy link:


Also, don’t forget to join our little community on Facebook!

Rat Patrol Radio’s host, Live365, has gone out of business. So, after more than 15 years wonderful years as a Founding Broadcaster at Live365, Rat Patrol Radio has to find a new base of operations.  I have decided to give Radionomy a try, after looking at various options.

This is a large undertaking, since I had ripped 150 CDs worth of music at AM quality, so it would sound the same as the WWII news reports I broadcast. Radionomy requires all files to be at least 128kbps, which means I have to re-rip every song,

For now, I am updating at while I work on rebuilding the station. Please check there for updates, until I can get this site redone.

Thanks for 15 wonderful years, and I sincerely hope you follow me over to the new provider!

The complete NBC broadcast day of D-Day is now on the air at Rat Patrol Radio! Whatever time you tune in, you will be hearing the same thing America heard at that same time on June 6, 1944.


Hey guys and gals, the new Pearl Harbor broadcast is on the air!

Also, I would like everyone to know that I have switched over to the Rat Patrol Radio Facebook page which can be found at

I’m making daily updates there.

One last news bit: The Christmas playlist will start tomorrow, but won’t be wall-to-wall holiday songs. We’ll increase the number of Christmas songs as we get closer to Christmas, though.

We recently installed “Sweet Captcha,” to get rid of those blurry, mashed-up letters other captchas make you type, but the instructions were not showing. Today, we have moved over to NuCaptcha, which should be super-easy to read, while blocking the nasty spambots.

If anyone has any problems with the new captcha system, reply here or email me!


All hands on deck! Rat Patrol Radio needs YOU!

Some listeners have been unhappy about the 30-slot “free listener” cap on RPR.  As our audience grows, more people are tuning in at peak times.

Of course, caps at any station on the Live365 network do not apply to VIP listeners. (You also get NO commercials.) To those of you who have purchased a VIP account from the button on the Live365 player while listening to us, or have used the VIP button on, God Bless you. Ten percent of that fee went directly toward our monthly station bill.
Back to the situation at hand: I did some research, and learned I can double the number of free listener slots from 30 to 60, and double the library space on the server to 1 GB, for $29 a month, IF I pay a whole year up front ($348). Otherwise, it’s $44 a month ($528).
$348 is still a hefty chunk of change for me to pay out at once, though. I have some medical and home repair issues right now, and expenses exceed income. Even with additional freelance income, I need to cut back everywhere I can.
Right now, I’m paying $25 a month to keep Rat Patrol Radio on the air. Here’s where you can not only help me out, but help yourself and your fellow listeners as well. I’ve launched the Rat Patrol Radio Victory Drive, to fund the upgrade of the station to the Gold level personal broadcasting package. You can buy a VIP membership, donate by going to this link and choosing the “select dollar amount” option (VIP memberships purchased on that page do NOT contribute to the station!) and entering as the recipient address; OR contribute via PayPal using the button on or this link.
As well as guaranteeing Rat Patrol Radio’s future for an entire year, twice as many people will be able to listen for free, and I’ll be able to store the hundreds of megabytes of special files for the D-Day and Pearl Harbor broadcasts without having to delete a major portion of the song library, and re-uploading them again after the special event.
Every little bit helps, so spread some love to the living tribute of The Greatest Generation —
Support Rat Patrol Radio today!

Hey folks!

Updates at Rat Patrol should now automatically go to Twitter and Facebook! (This post is a test of that.)

If you want to follow us on twitter, we’re @ratpatrolradio, and we’re on Facebook at

We’ve also installed a new captcha on the blog, that should help make it easier for real humans to sign up. Let me know it there’s any problem!

Rat Patrol Radio is finally on Facebook!

People kept asking me if we had a Facebook page, and so I finally broke down and made one! Maybe this will get me to making more updates now!

Thanks to everyone who tunes in, and help keeps the old candles burning in memory of the WWII generation.