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Adding Polls to Site

October 25, 2010 admin 0

I’m working on a polling system for the site to get listener feedback on the station. Polls will be located under the Live 365 Player on the right. I’ll be […]

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Introducing Rat Patrol Radio Crosswords

October 9, 2010 admin 0

I’m starting a new monthly feature, WWII-themed crosswords puzzles! I will be building these using Eclipse Crosswords and custom word/clues lists put together by me.  I’ll rate each puzzle for […]

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Trouble with Live 365 Player?

May 11, 2010 admin 0

Norton Antivirus and the Adblock Plus plugin (for Firefox) are causing trouble with the Live 365 player.  To fix the Adblock problem, go to and click the little Adblock […]

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Honolulu Newspaper Pearl Harbor Attacked!

February 28, 2010 admin 1

As some folk know, I work as a freelance historical researcher. I wanted to share this particular item with all my listeners. This is a very rare Honolulu Star-Telegram newspaper from December 7, 1941.

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Neat Mini History of the WWII Jeep

December 15, 2009 admin 0

Here’s a neat mini WWII history of the Jeep.  I never knew that the Germans on the Eastern Front scrambled to get captured Jeeps from the Russians, since the Kubelwagons […]