War Pennies Are Shipping – Is Your Name On The List?

Hey there, all my GI Joes and GI Jills!
After experimenting with de-oxidizing some of the dark war pennies, I’ve decided to ship them the way they’ve survived for the last 76 years. The oxidized zinc coating had lost its shine. If you want to use vinegar or lemon or silver polish on your penny, feel free! They have no collectible/numismatic value, so do whatever you wish.

These are the people I am mailing War Pennies to today. If I have misplaced your request, or if you’d like one and haven’t requested one yet, get in touch with me at

  • Shane Brown
  • Joe Feaster
  • Eugene Haas
  • Peter Hildreth
  • Gord Jones
  • Heikki Kontio
  • Myron Ledford
  • Danny Meador
  • David Storch

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