US Leaflet Dropped During Okinawa Invasion

This leaflet was dropped on Okinawa during the US invasion in World War II. The front of the leaflet shows B-17 Flying Fortress bombers destroying factories and railyards – bombing missions that the Okinawan civilians have been on the receiving end of. The caption on the right-hand side of the leaflet reads:

“Now that American forces are invading your island, your lives are in danger”

American leaflet dropped on Okinawan cities and towns warning civilians about the US invasion

The back of the leaflet says:

Now that American forces are invading your island, your lives are in danger. Beaches will be bombed and shelled in order to weaken the Japanese Army and prepare for American troop landings. However, bombs dropped from planes and shells from battleships may land anywhere. Civilians who remain in coastal areas will be destroyed together with Japanese soldiers and installations used by the Japanese Army. If you value your lives, follow these instructions:

1. Stay away from all coastal areas.

2. Stay away from American parachute troops. If you make no signs of resistance, they will not harm you.

3. Wear lightcolored clothing so that you may be easily identified.

4. Send some representatives to obtain food and water from the Japanese Army.

5. Until further instructions are issued from the American forces, withdraw and seek safety.

6. Those who obey our instructions will get food, clothing and water.

7. Do not hide near your homes or join the Japanese soldiers in caves or houses.

8. Do not approach us until instruction is given.

 9. Watch for later leaflets which will tell you how to avoid harm. The American troops do not want to harm you. Therefore it is your duty and to your benefit to follow these instructions.

Thanks to Reddit user TrendWarrior101, who shared and translated this leaflet in the /r/PropagandaPosters subreddit.

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