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Hey all my GI Joes and GI Jills!
I am actively working on getting to the point where I can put on a live weekly show. The question I have for you, my esteemed audience is this:

Live 365 mandates 4 minutes of commercials every hour. There are a number of ways we can do this:

  • One 4-minute commercial block once an hour;
  • Two 2-minute commercial blocks, one every half hour;
  • Four one-minute commercial blocks, one every quarter hour;
  • Two 90 second and one 60 second commercial blocks one every 20 minutes.
  • Other: reply below.

I don’t think anyone would be in favor of a 30-second commercial every 8 minutes. :Þ

So, please vote in the Poll Box on the right side of the page! I need to know what the most popular option is by Tuesday night!
Thanks, and salute!

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