Joint Minesweeping Group Finds 3 WWII Mines in Baltic Sea

The multinational Mine Warfare Task Group recently discovered and safely detonated three WWII-era sea mines in the Baltic Sea, during exercises conducted as part of BALTOPS 2019 .

As reported in a U.S. Navy press release:

German, Norwegian, Danish, and U.S. Navy sailors from the Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) exercise Mine Warfare Task Group came together to clear three WWII-era air-laid mines, June 14.

During complex mine warfare training to increase combined force integration and maritime capability among 11-nations, the task group identified three historical mines on the sea floor. The team detonated the mines after receiving approval from German authorities to increase safety and reduce risk to mariners operating in German territorial waters…

A team of mine warfare professionals aboard the Norwegian Alta-class MS HMNoS Otra (M351) detected and classified two mines, which were reacquired and identified by a team of Danish divers. Members of a Norwegian dive team discovered the third mine in another Mine Warfare Task Group’s training area off the coast of the Bundeswehr Military Training Area in Todendorf, Germany.

The mines were identified as Type A air-dropped naval mines deployed by the RAF during WWII, weighing approximately 1,000 pounds each. The estimated weight reported would indicate that these likely were Type A Mk V mines.

Nations participating in the BALTOPS 2019 Mine Warfare Task Group include Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

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