Operation Clockwheel

Hey there, all my GI Joes and GI Jills!

I was listening to Rat Patrol Radio yesterday, and got a really bad run of just news and even Pearl Harbor interviews. I didn’t realize that the random track selection could be so bad!

Therefore, I am beginning Operation Clockwheel!

Once I get all the tracks labeled and sorted, I can make a radio clockwheel that will greatly improve your listening experience! This will allow me to select between swing, big band, female vocalists, patriotic songs, news, and wartime Public Service Announcements, and set them for a certain rotation.
While the “type” of tracks will be the same at a certain time of the hour, the actual tracks will be randomly selected from songs with that tag.

After this, I will re-record the Station IDs so that they don’t play twice! (insert embarrassed emoji here).

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