Brit Finds Muddy Toy Grenade That Is NO TOY!

Treasure hunter and YouTuber Simon Bourne was inspecting a riverbank in Essex at low tide, when they came across what they first thought was a toy grenade. When Bourne passed his Garrett Pin Pointer detector over it it was immediately apparent that it was real!

The police were called, who in turned called a British Army bomb squad. The grenade was carefully moved from the muddy riverbank to a nearby field for disposal. Simon and his friend helped stack sandbags around the grenade to help contain the shrapnel, and were allow a “front row seat” to the detonation:

A soldier can be heard shouting “Right stand-by! Prime!”.

The grenade explodes obliterating the sandbags positioned to damp the blast and forcing sand upwards high into the air.

A loud bang shudders the peaceful countryside as Simon can be heard saying: “Cor! f****** hell. Can you imagine that on your mantelpiece?”

Simon was stunned by how powerful the grenade was, and added: “We helped with moving the sandbags, and hoped we would get a front row seat to watch the detonation, which we did.  I was completely shocked. I never expected it to be so loud. After four hours it was the highlight of day”.



Full story at The Express.

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