The October Patreon Rewards Have Been Sent!

Hey there, all my GI Joes and GI Jills! The links to the October Patreon rewards have gone out, so check your inbox!

The reward for the $1 through $5 a month tiers is a 50 second 1945 Public Service Announcement asking people to stay on their war job, buy more war bonds, and continue to make do with less, to speed the final victory against Japan.

The $10 a month tier gets the PSA, plus the November 18, 1943 Abbott & Costello Show, with guest stars Bugs Bunny and Lucille Ball.

The $15 and $20 a month tiers get the PSA, the Abbott & Costello Show, AND a complete episode of Jill’s Juke Box, hosted by GI Jill!

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