Help Rat Patrol Radio Return To The Air!

Hey everybody! I’m hosting a “Victory Drive” to bring Rat Patrol Radio back! We need a minimum of $75 a month pledged to get back on the air at the new Live365. You can make a one-time donation through PayPal, or sign up to be a Patron with a recurring monthly donation through Patreon.



I’ve set some stretch goals beyond the initial “get us back on the air with a minimum of bandwidth” on Patreon, which I will copy here:


You’ve all helped Rat Patrol Radio get on the air!
$75 a month will pay for a basic streaming/hosting plan, with a 1500 Total Listening Hours (TLH) limit.


The More, The Merrier!
A donation level of $150 a month will allow Rat Patrol Radio to be upgraded to a 3500 TLH streaming/hosting plan. That’s more than DOUBLE the listening hours of the basic plan, meaning more wartime tunes for everyone!


Better, Faster, Stronger Than Before!
Reaching the $250 a month level means the weekly Monday night live show expands to THREE hours!
This level gives me a budget to purchase the equipment needed to bring you all a professional-sounding station and live shows, as well as purchasing hard-to-find wartime music and radio programs.


VI (Victory on the Internet) Day!
When we reach the $500 a month level, Rat Patrol Radio’s streaming account gets upgraded to the top-tier 7000 TLH plan. I also pledge to host a SECOND live show twice a month, in addition to hosting a live three-hour show every Monday night!


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