Rat Patrol Radio LIVES!

Just like the hero in those old Republic serials, Rat Patrol Radio has survived certain death!

While the playlist has some errors, you can listen to us on Radionomy with this handy dandy link:



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  1. Hello! I’m a long time listener and was dropping by to see what happened.. I just listened to Rat Patrol Radio up til a few weeks ago. It seems to be gone now from playtheradio.com Any clues as to what happened? I miss the old days and that wonderful library of Armed Forces Radio Network segments you used to mix in with the Wartime Tunes. Please tell me it’s not over.
    Best of luck!

    • Hi Randy!
      We didn’t meet Radionomy’s minimum listening hours standard, so they pulled my plug. I’ll bring the station back up in the next couple of weeks. The shuffle playlist just wasn’t doing well, so I will have some hand-crafted playlists constructed before trying again. All the RPR-related action is over on our Facebook page now. Jump on over to see what’s cooking!

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