Announcing the Rat Patrol Radio Victory Drive!


All hands on deck! Rat Patrol Radio needs YOU!

Some listeners have been unhappy about the 30-slot “free listener” cap on RPR.  As our audience grows, more people are tuning in at peak times.

Of course, caps at any station on the Live365 network do not apply to VIP listeners. (You also get NO commercials.) To those of you who have purchased a VIP account from the button on the Live365 player while listening to us, or have used the VIP button on, God Bless you. Ten percent of that fee went directly toward our monthly station bill.
Back to the situation at hand: I did some research, and learned I can double the number of free listener slots from 30 to 60, and double the library space on the server to 1 GB, for $29 a month, IF I pay a whole year up front ($348). Otherwise, it’s $44 a month ($528).
$348 is still a hefty chunk of change for me to pay out at once, though. I have some medical and home repair issues right now, and expenses exceed income. Even with additional freelance income, I need to cut back everywhere I can.
Right now, I’m paying $25 a month to keep Rat Patrol Radio on the air. Here’s where you can not only help me out, but help yourself and your fellow listeners as well. I’ve launched the Rat Patrol Radio Victory Drive, to fund the upgrade of the station to the Gold level personal broadcasting package. You can buy a VIP membership, donate by going to this link and choosing the “select dollar amount” option (VIP memberships purchased on that page do NOT contribute to the station!) and entering as the recipient address; OR contribute via PayPal using the button on or this link.
As well as guaranteeing Rat Patrol Radio’s future for an entire year, twice as many people will be able to listen for free, and I’ll be able to store the hundreds of megabytes of special files for the D-Day and Pearl Harbor broadcasts without having to delete a major portion of the song library, and re-uploading them again after the special event.
Every little bit helps, so spread some love to the living tribute of The Greatest Generation —
Support Rat Patrol Radio today!

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