D-Day Special is Up and Running!

As I mentioned in my twitter feed, there were some discrepancies found while slicing the CBS D-Day radio files, so I’ve sliced and uploaded the NBC D-Day coverage this year instead. There was a gap in the NBC coverage between 10:15AM and 11:00AM EDT that I filled with the CBS feed. It was soap operas across all networks that time of day, so nothing major is missed.

I’m hoping I haven’t overlooked any more gaps in the NBC coverage in the rush to get everything uploaded and tagged, but if you find any, please let me know for next year! Note that the broadcast time and the real-world time started out synchronized, but will drift more and more as Live 365 inserts commercials.


  1. Thanks for running this special. It really puts things in perspective and makes me feel connected to what my Grandparents heard back on the actual day.

    • You’re welcome! I still get goosebumps listening to the alerts. When I first started doing this special, I was struck how similar the coverage seemed to the Gulf War, with embedded reporters even. (This was way before the Iraq War.)

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