2012 D-Day Special – Update

I just found out last night that my radio station host, Live 365, has banned all recordings over 30 minutes duration. Since the average time per file for the D-Day broadcast is 1 hour and 15 minutes, I have to split each file into pieces, then tag each one. I hope to be done in time, and am going to take the opportunity to replace the duplicated 4:48 – 5:53AM section of the CBS recording with appropriate content from the NBC recording. Some time in the past, the 6AM-7AM section was recorded over the 4:48-5:53AM section, and that section was lost to collectors.


    • Yes, I”ve been working on the files (was up until 1am last night) and have found some discrepancies that I’m trying to remedy. It will air at the usual 2am start time, and then on the 7th will start at 9am EDT so more people can hear the early parts.

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