Last Living Doolittle Raiders Need Your Help!

A corporate sponsor has pulled out of the Doolittle Raider Reunion at the last minute. There’s only 5 men left from that historic flight, and this may be the last time they’re together. You can donate to help bring twenty five B 25 Mitchell bombers to the reunion on April 17th, at the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson ASAFB in Dayton, Ohio.

Twenty five North American “Mitchell” B-25’s will be landing at the famous Wright Field adjoining the Museum to pay tribute to the five Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.  This will be the largest gathering of the Mitchell B-25s since WWII.   They will be coming from all points of the United States to share in this special event.   The B-25 is the most popular WWII bomber with collectors and museum attractions worldwide.  It has been titled by all those who have flown them over the past seventy years, as the “Sweetheart Bomber.”

Donation Page:

[i]The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Association Inc. is a non-profit association working under the IRS code, 501(C)4. The surviving Doolittle raiders make up the entire membership, and officers are elected from the membership only. The Raiders are not paid to perform speeches or entertainment in any form for the public or government sponsored events. Any and all contributions accumulated through the sale of prints or autographing books, etc. goes directly into the Doolittle Raiders Education Fund. These funds are used annually to support scholarships for students or adults who have choose the field of aviation or space for their carriers. The Education Fund also donates funds to the James H. Doolittle Scholarship annually which also provides funding to students and adults entering the field of aviation or space. There are no salaries or payments paid to any persons who occupy elected titled positions who work for the Doolittle Raiders Association.[/i]

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