2010 RPR Christmas Playlist!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means it’s once more time to prepare the Rat Patrol Radio Jazzy Big Band Christmas playlist! Starting this Friday and running until New Years, we will bring you the best big band, swing, and jazz holiday music, with choice classical selections as well.

This is possibly our most popular even of the year, and we regularly hit our listener limits. As a reminder, I’d like to mention that Live 365 VIP members are never locked out of any full station on the network, and if you use the handy button here on our site to sign up, Rat Patrol Radio gets 25% of your VIP membership fee applied directly to station expenses!

And you can try it for 5 days, free!


  1. Hey!
    Just commenting to say, you’re doing an wonderful job with the radio! Im loving the Christmas songs, and i enjoyed the others too, they definitely can’t be compared to what people listen these days. The songs, you put on the radio, are really beautiful and amazing, its those kind of songs that make you have those weird good types of feelings.
    I know they are not from my time but they always make me remember of the great moments i had in my youth.
    Anyway, im loving what you are doing and hope you keep with awesome job!


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