24 Hours of D-Day Special Broadcast

Starting at 3am EDT, we are proud and honored to present the annual Complete Broadcast Day of D-Day. This is 24 hours of everything that went out over the air on CBS on June 6, 1944, rebroadcast by Rat Patrol Radio at the same time of day as originally aired!

This is probably as famous among our listeners as our Christmas playlist is, and Rat Patrol Radio was one of the first webcast stations ever to present these historic broadcasts in this format. This year marks our ninth year saluting the men who stormed Fortress Europe to put an end to Nazism. Join me as we relive the electrifying events of one of the most momentous events of the 20th Century.  (I still choke up and get goosebumps at 10pm when FDR leads the nation in prayer.)


  1. Is there a way to listen to this broadcast – D-Day Special Broadcast? I just found out about Rat Patrol and I would love to hear this historic broadcast. Thanks, July1099

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