Churchill’s Cigar from Casablanca

The Telegraph reports in  this article on a man whose grandfather gave him the cigar Winston Churchill was smoking at the Casablanca Conference with FDR in January 1943, where the objective of “unconditional surrender” of all Axis powers was announced, and invasion plans for Europe were made.  It was decided that the western Allies would invade Sicily and Italy first, while building up troops in England for the eventual Normandy invasion the next year.

Churchills Cigar and Conference Placards
Churchill's Cigar and Conference Placards

Excerpt of the article:

At over six inches long the cigar has never been touched by its owner, who keeps it safe in a sturdy wooden box.

It was taken from a historic meeting between Churchill and the other Allied leaders at the famous Casablanca Conference.

Placecards bearing the names of the world leaders taken with the cigar from the conference combined with Mr William senior’s testimony helped the authentication of the cigar.

Mr Williams, a student at Lincoln College who lives in nearby Horncastle, said he felt like he owned a piece of history.

He said: “I’ve kept the cigar a secret and completely to myself since my grandad gave it to me all those years ago….

Mr Williams senior, who served in the 8th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, had been asked to act as butler to the Prime Minister for the conference in 1943.

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