Important D-Day Update!

I was going back through the D-Day files to tag them so that they were compliant with Live 365 rules, and realized that the third hour of the broadcast was identical to the 5th hour!  I’ve scoured the Net for the correct file, but every source has the wrong file as the third hour.  After overcoming my supreme mortification that I’ve been playing a bad file for the third hour for the last several years, I deleted all the files and am now uploading the NBC D-Day coverage that I recently found.  I apologize in advance if the quality isn’t up to snuff, as I haven’t had time to listen to all 24 hours of programming.   I only hope there isn’t any mistakes in this one!

On the bright side, those of you that have been tuning in over the years get a new perspective on D-Day!


  1. Hello Rat Patrol. We are going 2010 to Normandie on D-Day and wanted to ask if u have maybe Rat Patrol Patches for putting them on our uniforms and make some commercials…for the beautiful station we listen every day.

    • Hi!
      Wow, I wish I were going with you! The two battlefields I want to see more than any are Normandy and Gettysburg. I have a photo taken from the same bunker overlooking the beach where “Saving Private Ryan” was filmed, with sand from the beach around the photo in the frame. A friend who went to Normandy took it for me, and gave it to me as a gift. It hangs over my computer at home.

      I have buttons and Tshirts and posters here: Let me look into getting patches or at least stickers made and see if I can get some to send you!

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