Do You Tweet? Follow WWIIToday!

If any of you are on Twitter, you should be following WWIIToday.   Andrew Nelson does a remarkable job in bringing his followers WWII-related facts and information throughout every day, focusing on what happened each calendar day during WWII.  This is even better than the old “random WWII trivia” header I had on the old RPR site, and Andrew executes an idea I had long ago much better than I could.

Andrew also has two WWII-related blogs:

Victory Theater, and

WWII Tips , which shows how you can save money and make do, using the same tips and techniques used on the homefront in WWII.

I follow @WWIIToday on Twitter, using the Twitterfox plugin for Firefox.  For those wondering why RPR doesn’t have a Twitter account, it’s because I have a business-related Twitter account and can’t run two at once.

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