Lights Out?

By on October 8, 2008 in RPR Station and Site

Well folks, the recession has hit me pretty hard. My business has shrunk to nothing, and my savings are all gone.   I’ve been sending out resumes for two weeks with no response.

Right now, Rat Patrol Radio has $13 in credit from the wonderful folks that have bought VIP memberships using the button on the old site, or have listened for many hours to RPR on their VIP accounts. The monthly bill since I downgraded the package is $27 a month.  Whether RPR stays on the air will depend on the support it gets from the listeners. If you aren’t a VIP listener, use the “Be a VIP” button on the Live 365 player window to enroll! If you are a VIP, listen more! Every hour you listen means a few cents toward station costs.

Whatever happens, it’s been an honor to bring the music of the Greatest Generation to life again, and I’ll always cherish the response I’ve gotten from all you listeners.


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